End of the Web browser era?

9 Aug
Just when some DIY businesses were getting up to snuff with their online presence, an Atlantic writer says it’s time to move on

Illustration by Jason Schneider for The Atlantic

Busting your balls to sell ads on your site? Investing all of your energy into blogging and social networking?

Maybe these aren’t the solutions to online success for your DIY business. In “The Closing the Digital Frontier” in the July/August issue of The Atlantic, writer Michael Hirschorn gives a timely overview of the Internet’s history.

He also makes a valid argument for why traditional online content is on its way out and why the app model—“where content is more likely to be accessed via smartly curated ‘stores’ like iTunes, Amazon, or Netflix”—is completely changing the Internet financial model.

In the article, he says, “The Web will be here forever, but it will hardly be the delightfully free-form open plain of the early years. Its colonization was inevitable.”

What say you?

Can you envision your business fitting into the app model? If so, how? Post your comments below or on the DIY Business Association Facebook discussions board.


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