Why not sleep your way to the top?

19 Feb

“Sleep-deprivation advocates have it all wrong,” says Arianna Huffington

By Amy Schroeder

Arianna Huffington swears by sleep.

After years of trying to make it on as little REM as possible, during a December 2010 TED talk, the entrepreneur announced that she had changed her methods for success—but only after she’d fainted from exhaustion at her desk, breaking a cheekbone in the process. After that eye-shutting experience (and six stitches), she prioritized sleep over power lunches.

A few months later, in February 2011, Huffington sold her online newspaper, The Huffington Post, to AOL for a controversial $315 million. In her presentation, “How to Succeed? Get More Sleep,” Huffington jokes, “We women are going to lead this new, feminist movement. We are literally going to sleep our way to the top.”

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