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Duplicated Efforts

2 Mar

Designer Laura Strom takes black-and-white approach with her rendition of the DIY Business Association logo

When it comes to design, Laura Strom is the opposite of haphazard. 

So when the DIY Business Association invited her to put her touch on the organization’s logo by Mat Daly, she was very careful in replicating it. “I think part of what the DIYBA offers is cutting out of the duplicated efforts,” says the New York designer. “Through sharing how we do business ourselves, we are more efficient.”

Laura Strom, a member of the DIYBA Board of Advisers, is an independent freelance art director based in Brooklyn. She got her start at The Chicago Reader and Venus Zine before working for Time Out New York, where she art directed photo shoots, conceived covers, and collaborated in the overall redesign of the magazine. 

Strom assisted in the implementation of Latina magazine’s redesign, which was recognized by the Society of Publication designers in 2009. She also has developed marketing materials for Travel + Leisure and Saveur, page design for Elle Decor, and packaging, album art, and environmental signage for clients engaged in arts and culture.


“Always give your client what they ask for and give them something smarter, something special, a design customized for their unique needs. To do that, you must know their business just as well or better than they do. Sometimes they’ll go for the big idea, and you both win.”

This is the second rendition of the DIY Business Association logo. View the first rendition, by Denise Gibson, here.

Would you like to submit a logo design? Get in touch to talk shop at amy [at]


The Red-and-White

16 Feb

Graphic artist Denise Gibson submits first DIYBA logo design

Starting, well, today, the DIY Business Association invites graphic designers and artists to submit their interpretations of the DIY Business Association logo, created by Mat Daly. Artists are welcome to do just about anything they want with it, by changing the colors, textures, what-have-you.

The DIY Business Association will showcase a collection of the logo designs in a visual presentation at conferences, the very first of which is slated to take place June 25, 2011, in Brooklyn.

Denise Gibson is a designer, illustrator, and lover of kittens. Formerly the art director of Venus Zine magazine, in February 2011, she accepted a new position as Marketing Manager at Busy Beaver Button Co., established in 1995 by Christen Carter in Chicago. Gibson also is a part-time faculty member at Columbia College Chicago.

Denise Gibsons’s advice for creative entrepreneurs:

“Buy buttons! They are a low-cost form of advertising and a great merchandising opportunity for indie businesses. Contact me at, and I’ll help you get your button on.”

P.S. The DIYBA is a fan of Denise’s shameless self-promo approach to advice-giving.

P.P.S. Would you like to submit a logo design? Get in touch to talk shop at amy [at]

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